PPSC General Information, Syllabus, Paper Pattern

PPSC Our aim is to give general information, syllabus and paper pattern of paper couducted by Punjab Public Service Commission (PPSC) for the post of Lecturer in Mathematics. This page might be helpful for other jobs as subject specialist or for public service commission of other provinces.

The proportion of questions in the MCQ tests for the posts of Lecturer (Male and Female) and Assistant Professor (Male and Female) in the Higher Education Department, shall be approximately:

  • Questions related to General Knowledge: 20%
  • Qualification related questions (mathematics): 80%

Please consider the subjects level to be MSc or BS in mathematics. One need to covered the following subjects without proofs but definition, examples and statements of the theorems with applications.

  • Real Analysis
  • Complex Analysis
  • Abstract Algebra
  • Linear Algebra
  • Vector Space
  • Metric Space and Topology
  • Functional Analysis
  • Vectors and Mechanics

Please click on View Online to see inside the PDF.

For mathematics, the recommended books are as follows:

  1. Anton, H, Calculus: A New Horizon, Ed. 6, John Willey, New ppsc-mock-test-1-akhtar-abbasYork, 1999.
  2. Thomas, G. B. Finney. A. R., Calculus, Ed. 9, John Willey, New York, 2005.
  3. Yusuf, S.M. Amin. M., Calculus with Analytic Geometry, Ilmi Kitab Khana, Lahore.
  4. Zill, D. G. , Cullen, M.R., Differential Equations with Boundary Value Problems, Ed. 3. PWS Publishing Co., 1997.
  5. Abell, Braselton, Modem Differential Equations Ed. 2, Thomas Learning Inc. USA, 2001.
  6. Curchill, R.V., Brawn J.W., Complex Variables and Applications, Ed. 5, McGraw Hill, New York, 1989.
  7. Ghori, Q.K., Mechanics. Ilmi Kitab Khan, Lahore.
  8. Weather burn, C.E., Differential Geometry, The English Languages Book Society and Cambridge Uni. Press. 1964.
  9. Guggenheinerar, H.W., Differential Geometry, McGraw Hill, 1990.
test119.160.116.66, 2020/11/28 02:30
easiest and good website in my life.
Bundle of thanks
test119.160.118.68, 2020/09/25 23:48
3rd div in fsc and done bsc and msc in 1st div . . can apply in ppsc
test119.160.116.35, 2020/09/20 13:06
Sir i dont have any idea about ppsc test even dont know about paper pattern kindly recommend book or either past paprs and paper pattern??
test111.88.230.255, 2020/09/17 14:11
Aoa sir .
sir mein Bs physics 5thsemester ki student hn .Is can i apply for ppsc?

OR kia physics ses related e ziada question hn gy ya all subject?
test39.52.126.10, 2020/09/14 12:33
A.o.a sir
Sir mana msc k sath 2 chance ly lya han ppsc k.aur ab ma m.phil kar rahe ho.kia m.phil k bad mary pass again 3 chances hon ga ya ab bs aik chance rah gya hai.?
atiq, 2020/09/14 22:48
In one subject, you have only three chances for life time.

Read at http://www.ppsc.gop.pk/QueriesAndReplies.aspx
test119.160.69.17, 2020/10/27 10:16
In your last experiences.. Kya weightage thi FSC or bsc or msc.. kis may Sy ziada Aya?
test119.160.116.17, 2020/09/07 19:08
Assalam o Allaikum sir,,,plz share notes of topology , functional analysis for ppsc test preparation
atiq, 2020/09/14 22:51
For topology, read the book Schaume's Outline of Topology.

Notes are also available at following link:
test119.160.99.193, 2020/10/29 03:22
I m a mathematician...
test103.255.5.110, 2020/08/25 13:43
Sir mujy ppsc ki tyri k ly best book with answer bta dy plzz
atiq, 2020/09/06 22:09
Try to understand the topics from recommended books. There are books in market but those doesn't give you good understanding.
atiq, 2020/09/06 22:10
Try to understand the topics from recommended books. There are books in market but those doesn't give you good understanding.
test39.49.118.237, 2020/08/08 00:05
kindly tell me how many chances can b avail for ppsc test...

I WANT TO KNOW if degree level increases the chance will increase ..
atiq, 2020/09/06 22:00, 2020/09/06 22:05
For example, for the post of Lecturer in Education Department, a candidate who is applicant for more than one subject shall be allowed three chances in each subject for which he/ she is a candidate in accordance with above laid down policy.
Read at http://www.ppsc.gop.pk/QueriesAndReplies.aspx

Degree level increase the chances but important thing is written test and interview. If you don't qualify, degree doesn't matter.
test43.245.10.71, 2020/08/03 06:58
AOA sir

Sir plz btaye ga konsi book best hi ppsc kel
test141.0.9.86,, 2020/09/10 13:06
Waalikum assalam.
Ap Dogar Publisher ki Lecturer for Maths ki book ly lain wahn sy apko maths or general knowledge dono he mil jain gy...
Past paper b hn us m or bht achy sy explain kia
test111.119.188.11, 2020/07/16 23:12
msc group theory msqs
test203.135.44.28, 2020/07/16 09:56
Assalam o alaikum
Plz send books related to this test (mathematics).
test39.41.121.72, 2020/07/10 20:16
Salam Admin, Is B.ed Necessary along with M.sc to apply for lecturer job in PPSC ?
test103.255.5.42, 2020/08/26 15:31
B.ed is not required
test111.119.185.13, 2020/06/26 19:48
Plz share all subjects notes and important questions
(mcq's) mentioned in ppsc syllabus..as soon as possible on mathcity website... Thanx
test37.111.134.152, 2020/06/10 13:34
Kindly ppsc test preparation k liye koi book provide kr dai pdf form me
Ya koi suggest kr dain
test39.53.243.167, 2018/02/14 19:13
test178.80.108.98, 2020/05/24 12:14
PPSC Lectureship Test Mathematics 2015 (Solved Paper)

test103.255.5.27, 2020/09/01 16:31
I need guidance for ppsc
test39.45.145.36, 2020/09/17 17:34
yaha jo sample paper diyy hai wo solve ni kiyy hoy or jo link apny diya hai wo open ni ho raha...

kindly bata dy asa link jaha solve paper mil jay Math ky liye
test103.255.5.251, 2018/02/11 10:23
Sample paper 1,2,3 ki answer keys agr hn to plz share kr dn
test103.255.4.31, 2018/02/03 22:50
I am the student of pure mathematics.......plz tel me the details about g.knowledge. ?..snd me some sample papers
admin, 2018/02/09 16:21
Every sample paper has twenty question on general knowledge.
test103.255.4.31, 2018/02/03 22:40
Group theory is not important for ppsc?????
admin, 2018/02/09 16:21
Groups theory is important.
test39.42.144.94, 2020/08/03 12:33
Aoa. Sir Jis trha apne opr group theory or linear algebra or complex K sirf definition oexample or result diye hai. Esi trha real 1 real 2 mechanic other subjects Ju test K liye important hai wo b upload krain
test119.158.44.235, 2018/01/06 20:58
Also share sample paper for subject specialist
test66.249.93.36,, 2017/11/25 20:29
admin, 2018/01/30 12:33
Thanks :-)
test103.255.4.41, 2020/08/04 06:50
Sir Answers chaheay samples k
test182.187.24.204, 2017/11/05 13:05
mene apni msc computational physics me ki he but we did 80 percent course of mathematics ppsc
kindly inform me that
Can i apply for it...????
admin, 2017/11/21 22:17
WAS .. you need to see the conditions that are given with advertisement.
test182.186.247.136, 2017/10/14 21:19
plz send me the book of set theory of any author which is easy to understand .
test121.52.153.58, 2017/10/11 16:48
kindly sent me the ppsc books and past paper subject Mathematics
admin, 2017/11/21 22:18
These sample papers includes questions from past papers :-)
test182.189.35.224, 2017/09/08 11:00
sample paper 1st plz give the answer with detail
26. If " 0 1 1 1 #n - " 1 0 1 1 #n=" −0 6 6 0 # then n =?
(A) −7 (B) −5 (C) 5 (D) 6
test111.119.185.38, 2020/08/08 11:04
A.o.A!!... Sir kindly share the answers key of sample papers....
test111.119.187.51, 2020/09/16 14:49
Right answer is option D that is 6
test111.119.187.51, 2020/09/16 14:52
Right answer is d i.e., n is 6
test39.45.160.125, 2017/07/27 09:31
Dear plz also give the answers keys....
Muhammad Fahad Nadeem
admin, 2017/07/27 23:38
We will try.. Lets see when we succeeded .. :-)
test66.249.93.33,, 2018/02/11 10:31
Past papers 2009-2017 not available.can you share?
admin, 2017/07/28 18:29
Dear Fahad .. 4th Sample Paper was uploaded with answers. :-)
test39.45.173.51, 2017/07/28 21:10
test119.160.99.193, 2020/10/29 03:26
Excuse me sir..kisi PU k student ka contact number mil skta h.? Jo mathematics department ka ho? Ya kisi Teacher ka?? Kindly guide me..
test121.52.149.3, 2017/07/26 13:15
What are the best books to prepare this test?
admin, 2017/07/26 13:20
Cracking the GRE Subject (Mathematics) is good book to review the topics. There are also MCQs in that Book. For Algebra "Contemporary Abstract Algebra" by Joseph A. Gallian is good book. One need to understand the definition and do as much examples as you can. Also understand the statements of the theorem (without proof) and then see its applications.
test103.255.4.41, 2020/08/04 06:53
App k pass books hn soft form m so please share krdy by mail
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