Mathematics 1 for FSc ICS (NBF)

A Textbook of Mathematics for Class XI

Model Textbook of Mathematics for Class XI is published by National Book Foundation (NBF), Islamabad, Pakistan. NBF can be considered as Federal Textbook Board Islamabad. The book has total of nine (9) chapters.
This book is written by Dr. Khalid Mahmood, Dr. Saleem Ullah Satti, M Dabeer Mughal, Dr. Naveed Akmal and Dr. Shahzad Ahmad.

This Model Textbook for Mathematics Grade 11 has been developed by NBF according to the National Curriculum of Pakistan 2022-2023. The aim of this textbook is to enhance learning abilities through inculcation of logical thinking in learners, and to develop higher order thinking processes by systematically building the foundation of learning from the previous grades. A key emphasis of the present textbook is creating real life linkage of the concepts and methods introduced. This approach was devised with the intent of enabling to solve daily life problems as they grow up in the learning curve and also to fully grasp the conceptual basis that will be built in subsequent