On this page, we are going to post the list of all peoples, who share anything on We are very thankful to these peoples.

  1. Mr. Muhammad Idress
  2. Muhammad Marwan
  3. Mr. Parvez Khan
  4. Mr. Tariq Mahmood Qadri (See his notes here)
  5. Mr. Nauman Idrees
  6. Mr. Adil Rauf
  7. Mr. Muhammad Nabil
  8. Muhammad Waqas Sulaiman
  9. Dr. Amir Mahmood
  10. Mr. Malik Faisal Rafiq
  11. Mr. Mansoor Tahir
  12. Mr. Tahir Mehmood
  13. Dr. Azhar Hussain
  14. Prof. Muhammad Usman Hamid
  15. Mirza Ahmad Younas
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