PPSC Mock Interview Lecturer Mathematics

PPSC Mock Interview Lecturer Mathematics This handout is shared by Mr. Rashad Wattu and written by Sawaira Sikandar. We are really very thankful to him for providing this handout and appreciates his efforts to publish it on MathCity.org. This handout contains the questions collected from the different interviews of the Lecturer in Mathematics conducted by Public Service Commission (PSC). This is help full to prepare interview of all types of jobs which include mathematics as major.

Name PPSC Mock Interview Lecturer Mathematics
Provided by Mr. Rashad Wattu
Pages 46 pages
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  • What have you prepared
  • (I said group and topology)
  • Chairman (sb topology prepare krk aye hen.ye topology he kia)
  • Then again subject specialist:
  • Identical equations, conditional equation
  • What were your optional subject(i said number theory,group theory)
  • He said number theory purana subject he,drmyan me iska use khtm hogya tha,ab phir se important hogaya hai why?
  • Also what are recent developments about prime numbers
  • What do we call topology of power set
  • Math… Logarithm… Quotient space… Legendre polynomial… Rolle's and mean
  • value theorem… Nonlinear de example… In circle.. Odd function… Logic…
  • Yar grp k bary mn thy…axioms n uniqueness waghera se related…
  • Laplase and Fourier transform … Quotient ring n Quotient space… Tensor ….
  • Gk mein
  • Satah Murtafa potohar se related
  • Introduce yourself …
  • Studies of structure