Vector Analysis by Hameed Ullah: Notes

right triangle in semi circle Note of vector analysis by Hammed Ullah. These notes are send by Umer Asghar, we are very thankful to him for providing these notes. These notes are for helpful for undergraduate level (BSc or BS).

Name Notes of vector analysis
Written by Mr. Hameed Ullah
Provided by Mr. Umer Asghar
Pages 20+97+56+51 pages
Format PDF (see Software section for PDF Reader)
Size 1.24+3.14+1.76+1.56 mB
  • Scalars
  • Vectors
  • Position vector
  • Unit vector
  • Null or zero vector
  • Vector addition
  • Resultant vector
  • Collinear vector
  • Free vector
  • Localized vector
  • Parallel vector
  • Perpendicular vector
  • Properties of vector addition
  • Scalar product or dot product
  • Vector product or cross product
  • Scalar triple product
  • Vector triple product
  • Vector function
  • Limit of a vector function
  • Continuity of vector function
  • Differentiation of a vector function
  • The vector differential operator
  • Gradient of a scalar
  • Properties of gradient
  • Laplacian operator
  • Laplacian equation
  • Divergence of a vector
  • Solenoid vector
  • Properties of a divergence
  • Curl of a vector
  • Irrotational vector
  • Properties of the curl