Short Questions by Mr. Akhtar Abbas

  • We are very thankful to Mr. Akhtar Abbas for sharing these short questions.
  • These short questions are selected from previous 5 years papers of different boards. Solve these at your own to perform well in annual exams.
  • Recommended book for these short questions is “Text Book of Algebra and Trigonometry Class XI (Punjab Textbook Board, Lahore)”
  1. Define rational numbers.
  2. Define complex numbers.
  3. Define complement of a set.
  4. Define the difference of two sets.
  5. Under what condition two matrices A and B are conformable for the product AB? Also what will be the order of AB?
  6. A die rolled. Find the probability that top show dots less than 5.
  7. Prove that cotα − tanα = 2cot2α.

For more please see the PDF of respective chapters.