Preparation Guide

This guide is made by Mr. Anwar Khan, PhD. We are very thankful to him for sharing. This guide is helpful to prepare papers for MSc Mathematics (annual system) from University of Sargodha.

  • Chapter # 08 sequences and series of Mathematical Method by SM Yousaf (solutions are available here).
  • Chapter # 09 (only those exercises related to maxima and minima of function $z= f(x,y)$ ) of Calculus and analytic Geometry by SM Yousaf (solutions are available here).

Book: For vector space

  • Chapter # 4,5,7,9 and 11 of Schaum's Outline of Linear Algebra, 4th Edition.


  • Vector and Tensor analysis by Dr. Nawazesh Ali Shah ( Chapter # 4,5,6 and 7 ).
  • Mechanics by Khalid Latif Meer ( Chapter # 4, 5,6,7and 9).
  • Classical Mechanics by Sankara Rao.


  • Schaums Outline of General Topology.
  • Elements of Topology and Functional Analysis by Dr. Abdul Majeed

Compulsory Subjects:

1. ADVANCE ANALYSIS ( set theory , measure theory , hypr geometric series )

2. Numerical analysis


  • Numerical analysis by Sankara Rao
  • Notes of scholar academy for numerical analysis

3. Mathematical Method for Physics


  • Mathematical Method for Physics by Khalid Latif Meer.
  • Mathematical Method for Physics By Laldin Baig.

Optional Subjects:

1. Number Theory ( analytic number theory and algebraic number theory )

2. Advance Group Theory


  • Theory of Groups by Dr Abdul Majeed (from Chapter # 7 to last )

3. Mathematical statistic

  • (Notes of scholar academy for Mathematical statistic)

Note: optional subjects can be chosen other then mentioned above and 100 marks viva will be conducted at the end of part-2 examination from part-1 course.

Disclaimer: This guide does not have any association with University of Sargodha (UoS) and it is NOT an official document of UoS or its doesn't hold any official position anywhere. There is no responsibility on or author of this guide for any unpleasant situation.