Syllabus for UoS (Private only)

Syllabus and scheme of studies for private students doing MSc Mathematics from University of Sargodha, Sargodha.

The syllabus has been changed and few optional subjects has been dropped. Please be alert — 2017/08/25 17:05

The candidate having “Mathematics A Couse and B Course” or “Applied Mathematics and Pure Mathematics” or equivalent in their B.A/B.Sc. Structure: All courses of Part-I are compulsory. However, in Part-II three courses are compulsory and the students will be required to choose three more courses from the list of optional courses.

The paper pattern will be as following. (updated for year 2013 and onward) NEW

  1. 20% will comprise of objective. One have to write short answers of the TEN questions in 2-3 lines only on the answer book having two marks each
  2. 80% will be subjective. One have to attempt “four questions out of six” or “five questions out of eight”.
  1. There shall be a total of 1200 marks for M.Sc (Mathematics) degree.
  2. There shall be five papers in Part-I and six papers in Part-II. Each paper shall carry 100 marks.
  3. There shall be a Viva Voce Examination at the end of M.Sc. Part-II carrying 100 marks.

The Viva Voce Examination shall be conducted from the compulsory papers of Part-I.

M.Sc Part-I
Sr. # Course Title Marks
1 Paper I: Real Analysis 100
2 Paper II: Algebra (Group Theory and Linear Algebra) 100
3 Paper III: Complex Analysis and Differential Geometry 100
4 Paper IV: Mechanics 100
5 Paper V: Topology & Functional Analysis 100
Total Marks 500
M.Sc Part-II
Sr. # Course Title Marks
1 Paper I: Advanced Analysis 100
2 Paper II: Methods of Mathematical Physics 100
3 Paper III: Numerical Analysis 100
4 Paper (IV-VI) option (i to viii) 100
5 Paper (IV-VI) option (i to viii) 100
6 Paper (IV-VI) option (i to viii) 100
7 Viva Voce 100
Total Marks 700
Grand Total 1200
  1. Total number of chances is three (1+2) in Part –I & four (1+3) in Part –II/ Composite Examination.
  2. Minimum number of marks required to pass the examination are 40% in individual paper (separately in written and practical papers) and 45% in aggregate.
  3. A candidate who fails in only one subject or in aggregate by 5 marks or less (once either in P-I or P-II) is declared pass by awarding grace marks
  4. A candidate who misses 1st Division by 5 marks or less (if he/she has not availed subject/aggregate grace) is awarded grace up to 5 marks.
  5. The candidate who passes 50% subjects(3/5) or (4/7) of Part-I by securing 45% aggregate marks is allowed to appear in Part II one year after his/her first appearance in Part I Exam. However, he/she has to pass Part I exam in prescribed chances failing which result of Part II will also be automatically quashed/cancelled.
  6. The candidate failing in 50% or more subjects is declared totally fail and he/she will have to appear in all subject in next Examination.
  7. The candidate desiring to improve division in Part-I or Part II or Part-I & II together or composite examination is given two chances within two years of passing the examination. Moreover, a candidate who has passed composite exam is required to appear in all subjects to improve division.
  8. Second annual examination is open for fresh and compartment/failed as whole candidates.
  1. No verification of result is issued within 60 days of declaration of result.
  2. Application for rechecking along with prescribed fee should be received within 30 days from the declaration of result. Rechecking includes checking of Answer Books, Award Lists and Result Sheets to ensure that the result of the candidate has been correctly compiled and declared. It will not include re-evaluation of Answer Book.
  3. Compartment/failed as whole candidates must submit admission forms for the next examination within 15 days of the declaration of the result.
  4. Application for clearance of result discrepancies should be received in this office within 15 days of the declaration of Result.
  5. The candidates who have improved division shall surrender the previous degree/result card to the University for being cancelled.

(For updated information visit UoS website. Above information is collected from here).

Please download the PDF given below for detail outline of courses and recommended books. For updated information please don't forget to visit the UoS website.

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On the following page, one can download the old papers, which can be considered as sample papers. For new pattern see old paper of year 2013. It doesn't mean, other papers are not important.