Unit 04: Introduction to Analytic Geometry

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Contents & summary

  • Introduction
    • The Distance Formula
  • Point Dividing the Join of Two Points in a given Ratio
  • Exercise 4.1
  • Translation and Rotation of Axes
    • Exercise 4.2
  • Equations of Straight Lines
    • Slope or Gradient of a Straight Line Joining Two Points
    • Equation of a Straight Lines Parallel to the x-axis (or Perpendicular to the y-axis)
    • Equation of a Straight Lines Parallel to the y-axis (or Perpendicular to the x-axis)
    • Derivation of Standard forms of Equations of Straight Lines
    • A Linear Equation in two Variables Represents a Straight Line
    • To Transform the General Linear Equation in Standard Forms
    • Position of a point with respect to a line
  • Two and Three Straight Lines
    • The Points of Intetrsection of two Straight Lines
    • Condition of Concurrency of Three Straight Lines
    • The Equation of Lines through the Point of Intersection of two Lines
    • Distance of a Point from a Line
    • Distance between two Parallel Lines
    • Area of a Triangular Region whose Vertices are given
  • Exercise 4.3
  • Angle Between Two Lines
    • Equation of a Straight Line in Matrix form
  • Exercise 4.4
  • Homogeneous Equation of the Second Degree in two Veriables
    • Homogeneous Equation
  • To find measure of the angle between the lines represented by $ax^2+ 2hxy+by^2=0$
  • Exercise 4.5


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