Fuzzy Sets Theory by Umar Saeed Bunarai

Fuzzy Sets Theory by Umar Saeed Bunarai In the field of mathematics known as fuzzy set theory, sets having varying degrees of membership are studied. This implies that an element can be a member of a set only partially or not at all. In several disciplines, including logic, control, data analysis, and decision-making, fuzzy set theory is used to model uncertainty, vagueness, and imprecision.

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Name Fuzzy Sets Theory
Provider Mr. Umar Saeed Bunarai
Pages 63 pages
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In this section, the main heading are given below.

  • Fuzzy sets with examples
  • Intersection, union etc. of fuzzy sets
  • Cross product with examples
  • Level set, core, super set etc.
  • Properties of fuzzy sets
  • Negation and its types
  • t-norm and s-norm or t-conorm
  • De-Morgan triplets
  • Fuzzy implication
  • Fuzzy relation
  • Composition
  • Max-min composition
  • Min-max composition
  • Fuzzy relational equation with Max-Min and Min composition
  • Max-t-norm composition