Question 11 Exercise 7.2

Solutions of Question 11 of Exercise 7.2 of Unit 07: Permutation, Combination and Probablity. This is unit of A Textbook of Mathematics for Grade XI is published by Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Textbook Board (KPTB or KPTBB) Peshawar, Pakistan.

Q11. Consider $(1+x)^n$ and take $\left(\begin{array}{l}n \\ r\end{array}\right)=\mathrm{C}_r$. Show that $\mathrm{C}_1+2 \mathrm{C}_2 x+3 \mathrm{C}_3 x^2+\ldots \ldots . .+\mathrm{nC}_{\mathrm{n}} x^{\mathrm{n}-1}=\mathrm{n}(1+x)^{\mathrm{n}-1}$

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