Chapter 02: Composition of Forces

Notes of Chapter 02: Composition of Forces: Introduction to Mechanics by Q. K. Ghori published by West Pak Publishing Company (Pvt) Ltd. Notes of this chapter is send by Mr. Tahir Aziz. We are very thankful for his such effort.

  • Components of a forces
  • Composition of concurrent forces
  • The $(\lambda,\mu)$ theorem
  • Equilibrium of a particle
  • Moment of a force about a point
  • Varignon's theorem
  • Equivalent couples
  • Composition of couples
  • Resolution of a force into a force and a couple
  • Reduction of a system of coplanar forces to one force and one couple
  • Reduction of a system of parallel forces
  • Conditions of equilibrium of a coplanar force system

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