Vector Space (Review) by Rashad Wattu

Mathematical vector space is a crucial and fundamental idea. It depends on the concept of field. These notes were primarily written to help maths students understand vector space, which is a concept that they all need to be familiar with. Vector Space (Review) by Rashad Wattu

We are very thankful to Rashad Wattu for providing these notes and appreciates his effort to publish these notes on

Name Vector Space (Review)
Author Mr. Rashad Wattu
Writer Ms. Hadiqa Mumtaz
Pages 37 pages
Format PDF (see Software section for PDF Reader)
Size 4.96 MB
  • Definition: Vector Space
  • Examples
  • Subspace, examples, trivial subspace, non-trivial subspace
  • Union of subspaces
  • Intersection of subspaces
  • Sum of subspaces
  • Direct sum
  • Linear combination and spanning sets
  • Spanning sets
  • Null spaces
  • Column spaces
  • Linear transformation
  • Linearly independent sets
  • Linearly dependent sets
  • Basis and dimension
  • Finite dimension vector space.
  • Finite and infinite dimension vector space.
  • Spanning set theorem
  • Rank theorem
  • Invertible matrix theorem
  • Eigen values and eigen vectors
  • Eigen space
  • Orthogonal matrix