Computing Tools for Mathematics by Asif Arshad

omputing Tools for Mathematics by Asif Arshad Computing tools for mathematics are algorithms that use computers to solve mathematical issues. They are employed in a number of scientific, technical, industrial, and technological domains where computer is crucial and central. They may assist in creating precise and effective numerical techniques, for instance, to solve physical or biological models.

We are grateful to Prof. Fazal Abbas Sajid for sharing these notes and appreciate his efforts to make them available on

Name Computing Tools for Mathematics
Collected by Mr. Asif Arshad
Pages 69 pages
Format PDF
Size 6.87 MB

These notes contain codes and techniques to work on famous software Mathematica.

  • List as sets
  • Newton Raphson Method by using “Do Command”
  • Age Calculator
  • Bisection Method
  • Secant Method
  • Coding for Newton Raphson Method
  • Regula Falsi Method
  • Jacobi’s Method
  • Cholesky’s Factorization Method
  • Gauss-Seidel Method
  • Relaxation Method
  • Short Questions