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Syllabus and scheme of studies for Regular/Private students doing MSc Mathematics from University of the Punjab, Lahore. 1)

2 years M.Sc Mathematics programme consists of two parts namely Part-I and Part II. The regulation, Syllabi and Courses of Reading for the M.Sc. (Mathematics) Part-I and Part-II (Regular Scheme) are given below.


Please consult some student or teacher of Department of Mathematics, University of the Punjab, Lahore for paper pattern that there is a conflict on information given on University of the Punjab's official website and old papers.

The following regulations will be observed by M.Sc. (Mathematics) regular students

  • i. There are a total of 1200 marks for M.Sc. (Mathematics) for regular students as is the case with other M.Sc. subjects.
  • ii. There are five papers in Part-I and six papers in Part-II. Each paper carries 100 marks.
  • iii. There is a Viva Voce Examination of M.Sc. Part II. The topics of Viva Voce Examination shall be:
    • a) Analysis (Real, Complex and Functional)
    • b) Algebra and Topology
    • c) Mechanics

The following five papers shall be studied in M.Sc. Part-I:

  1. Paper I: Real Analysis
  2. Paper II: Algebra
  3. Paper III: Complex Analysis and Differential Geometry
  4. Paper IV: Mechanics
  5. Paper V: Topology and Functional Analysis

Note: All the papers of M.Sc. Part-I given above are compulsory.

In M.Sc. Part-II examinations, there are six written papers. The following three papers are compulsory. Each paper carries 100 marks.

  1. Paper I: Advanced Analysis
  2. Paper II: Methods of Mathematical Physics
  3. Paper III: Numerical Analysis

A student may select any three of the following optional courses:

  • Paper IV-VI option (i) Mathematical Statistics
  • Paper IV-VI option (ii) Computer Applications
  • Paper IV-VI option (iii) Group Theory
  • Paper IV-VI option (iv) Rings and Modules
  • Paper IV-VI option (v) Number Theory
  • Paper IV-VI option (vi) Fluid Mechanics
  • Paper IV-VI option (vii) Quantum Mechanics
  • Paper IV-VI option (viii) Special Theory of Relativity and Analytical Mechanics
  • Paper IV-VI option (ix) Electromagnetic Theory
  • Paper IV-VI option (x) Operations Research
  • Paper IV-VI option (xi) Theory of Approximation and Splines
  • Paper IV-VI option (xii) Advanced Functional Analysis
  • Paper IV-VI option (xiii) Solid Mechanics
  • Paper IV-VI option (xiv) Theory of Optimization

Note: The students who opt for Computer Applications paper shall have to pass in both the theory and practical parts of the examinations.

Please download the PDF give below for detail outline of course and distribution of the marks in each paper. The above text is also included in this PDF. For updated information please don't forget to visit the PU website.

On the following page, old papers of MSc Mathematics are given, which can be considered as old papers.

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