Linear Algebra: Important Definitions and Results

These notes are made and shared by Mr. Akhtar Abbas. We are really very thankful to him for providing these notes and appreciates his efforts to publish these notes on These notes contains important definitions with examples and related theorem, which might be helpful to prepare interviews or any other written test after graduation like PPSC, FPSC or etc.

Name Linear Algebra: Important Definitions and Results
Author Mr. Akhtar Abbas
Pages 22 pages
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Contents & Summary

  • If a vector space $V$ has a basis with $n$ elements, then $n$ is called dimension of $V$.
  • If $W$ is a subspace of $V$, then dim(W) = dim(V).
  • The span of column of a matrix $A$ is called column space of $A$.
  • The span of rows of a matrix $A$ is called row space of $A$.

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