Complex Analysis (Notes) by Ms. Iqra Liaqat

Notes of Complex Analysis by Ms. Iqra Liaqat

These notes are send by Ms. Iqra Liaqat. We are really very thankful to her for providing these notes and appreciates her effort to publish these notes on

Name Notes of Complex Analysis
Provided by Ms. Iqra Liaqat
Pages 468 pages
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  • Chapter 0: Introduction
  • Chapter 1: Limits, continuity and differentiability
  • Chapter 2: Analytic or regular or holomorphic functions
  • Chapter 3: Elementary transcendental functions
  • Chapter 4: Conformal Representation Mapping or Transformation
  • Chapter 5: Complex Integration
  • Chapter 6: Power series
  • Chapter 7: Calculus of Residues

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