FSc Part 2 (KPK Boards) by Khalid Mehmood

FSc Part 2 by Khalid Mehmood Notes of FSc Part 2 of “Textbook of Mathematics Grade 12” published by Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Textbook Board, Peshawar. We are posting the notes chapter-wise. These notes are shared as open educational resources. These notes are written by Khalid Mehmood.

Author: Mr. Khalid Mehmood
Type: Solutions only
Class: FSc Part 2 (HSSC-II)
Board: KPK Board
Format: PDF

Chapter 01: Function and Limits

Chapter 02: Differentiation

Chapter 03: Higher order Derivatives and Applications

Chapter 04:

Differentiation of Vector functions

Chapter 05: Integration

Chapter 06: Plane Analytic Geometry-Straight Line

Chapter 07: Conics-I

Chapter 08: Conics-II

Chapter 08: Conics-II

Chapter 09: Differential Equations

Chapter 10: Partial Differentiation

Chapter 11: Introduction to Numerical Methods

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