Chap 04: Formulas Introduction to Analytics Geometry

On these four pages, one can find all the formulas used in Chapter 04: Formulas Introduction to Analytics Geometry of FSc Part 2. There are five exercises in chapter 04 with lot of questions. These basic things help to solve the questions easily without going to the depth of each concept.

These include the following:

  • Distance formula
  • Ration formula
  • Intersection of median
  • Centre of in-circle (in-centre)
  • Rotation of axes
  • Inclination of line
  • Slope or gradient of line
  • Equation of straight line
    • Slope-intercept formula
    • Point-slope form
    • Symmetric form
    • Two point form
    • Two-intercept form
    • Normal form
  • General equation of the straight line
  • Position of point with respect to line
  • Point of intersection of lines
  • Equation of line passing through the point of intersection
  • Angle between lines
  • Homogeneous 2nd Degree Equation

A PDF file can be downloaded from the end of the page.