Pakistan Mathematics Competitions (PMC) 2022 (1-3 April 2022)

Pakistan Mathematics Competitions (PMC) 2022 Mathematics Society – SIBAU is an active society, which has organized series of successfully events in the past. These events were Inter University Mathematics Olympiad 2014, 2015, National Mathematical Olympiad 2016, Pakistan National Mathematical Olympiad 2017, Calculus Contest 2017, Calculus Contest 2018, National Calculus Contest 2019, Pakistan National Mathematical Olympiad 2019 and much similar kind of events and competitions. Again, expanding the horizons, this year Mathematics Society is organizing Pakistan Mathematics Competitions 2022 for students from all across Pakistan.

Pakistan Mathematics Competitions (PMC) is a National Level Event, organized by the Mathematics Society of Sukkur IBA University Students Council (SISC). It is a three days event comprised of three engaging and intellectual competitions including

  • Pakistan Mathematical Olympiad (PMO)
  • Pakistan Calculus Contest (PCC)
  • Pakistan Poster Competition (PPC)

Current students enrolled in any undergraduate program of HEC recognized universities of Pakistan are warmly welcome to participate in this event. Cash Prizes for Pakistan Mathematical Olympiad (PMO) 2022:


  • PMO:
    • Winner: PKR 40,000/-,
    • 1st Runner Up: PKR 30,000/-,
    • 2nd Runner Up: PKR 20,000/-
  • PCC:
    • Winner: PKR 20,000/-,
    • 1st Runner Up: PKR 15,000/-,
    • 2nd Runner Up: PKR 12,000/-
  • PPC:
    • Winner: PKR 10,000/-,
    • 1st Runner Up: PKR 6,000/-,
    • 2nd Runner Up: PKR 4,000/-
  • Event Name: Pakistan Mathematics Competitions (PMC)
  • Venue: Sukkur IBA University (SIBAU), Nisar Ahmed Siddiqui Road, Sukkur Sindh, Pakistan.
  • Organizer: Mathematics Society, SIBAU
  • Event Date: April 1-3, 2022
  • Registration deadline: 25th March 2022
  • Registration Fee:
    • Pakistan Mathematical Olympiad (PMO): PKR 3,000/ per team(3 Members)
    • Pakistan Calculus Contest (PCC): PKR 1,000/ per participant
    • Pakistan Poster Competition (PPC): Rs. 600/ per team (2 Members)