Number Theory by Prof. M. Tanveer

Number Theory by Prof. M. Tanveer These notes are very helpful to prepare one of the sections of mathematics for BSc. Also these notes can be used for other classes.

Author: Prof. M. Tanveer
Type: Handwritten
Format: PDF (972 kB)
Pages: 17
  • Divisibility: Let $a,b, \in \mathbb{Z}$, $a \neq 0$. We say that $a$ divides $b$ if there exists $c\in \mathbb{Z}$ such that $b=ac$.
  • Common divisor: Let $a,b, \in \mathbb{Z}$, then $c \in \mathbb{Z}$ is called common divisor of $a$ and $b$ if $c | a$ and $c | b$.
  • Greatest common divisor (GCD)
  • Euclid Theorem
  • Least common multiple (LCM)
  • Many theorems related to these