MATH-608: History of Mathematics

Time line

History of Numerations: Egyptian, Babylonian, Hindu and Arabic contributions. Algebra: Including the contributions of Al-Khwarzmi and Ibn Kura. Geometry: the areas, the work of Al-Toussi on Euclud’s axioms, Analysis. The Calculus: Newton, Leibniz and Gauss, The concept of limit, Laplace.

  1. What are the possible way to define mathematics.
  2. Why study mathematics and give examples to show it importance in our life.
  3. Is there any relation between mathematics and calculation.
  4. Do you agreed that “imagination of mathematician leads to the strange and inapplicable theories”?
  5. Give the breif review of developement of mathematics from history.
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  2. David M. Burton, The History of Mathematics: An Introduction, 7th Ed. McGraw-Hill, 2010.