MATH-305: Real Analysis-I

This is the first rigorous course in analysis and has a theoretical emphasis. It tegorously develops the fundamental ideas of calculus and is aimed to develop the students’ ability to deal with abstract mathematics and mathematical proofs.

Real Number System: Ordered fields, The field of Reals, The extended real number system, Euclidean space. Numerical Sequences and Series: Limit of a sequence, Bounded sequence, Monotone sequences, Limit superior and inferior, Subsequences, Infinite series of constants, Test for convergence of series, Absolute and conditional convergence. Continuity: Limit of a function and continuous function, Continuity and compactness, Continuity and connectedness, Uniform continuity, Kind of discontinuities. Differentiation: The derivative of a real function, Mean value theorems, The continuity of derivatives, Taylor’s theorem. Riemann Stieltjes Integral: Definition of Riemann Integral, Upper and lower sums, Integrability criterion, Classes of integrable functions, Properties of the Riemann Integral.

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