Microsoft Calculator Plus

You can use Calculator Plus to perform any of the standard operations for which you would normally use a handheld calculator. Calculator Plus performs basic arithmetic, such as addition and subtraction, as well as functions found on a scientific calculator, such as logarithms and factorials.

Click on View to use it in “Standard”, “Scientific” and “Conversion” mode.

- Standard Calculation
You can also use your numeric keypad to type numbers and operators by pressing NUM LOCK.

- Scientific Calculation
On the “View” menu, click “Scientific”. For the hexadecimal, octal, and binary number systems, the four display sizes available are Qword (64-bit representation), Dword (32-bit representation), Word (16-bit representation), and Byte (8-bit representation). For the decimal number system, the three display sizes available are Degrees, Radians, and Grads.

- Statistical Calculation
In the Scientific Mode, Type your first piece of data, and then click “Sta” to open the “Statistics Box”.

- Conversion
On the “View” menu, click “Conversion”. In the “Convert from” list, select the currency, weight, or measure you want to convert from.

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