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Notes of Mathematics
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es or resources might be helpful for ADS or BS or MSc or MPhil Mathematics. These notes are send by different students or teachers. We are very thank... e given on the page of notes. </well> <well> **[[Notes:Complex-Analysis-Dr-Amir-Mahmood]]** \\ An easy notes of complex analysis prepared by Mr. Haider Ali and supervised by Dr. Amir Mahmood. </well> <well> **[[Notes:Complex-Analysis-M-Usman-Hamid]]** \\ These notes covers... ng these notes. NEW </well><well> **[[Notes:fluid-mechanics-i-muzammil-tanveer]]** \\ These notes are composed by Mr. [[:people:muzammil]], we are very thankful to
Mechanics (Easy Notes of Mechanics) @notes
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hanics.png?nolink|Easy Notes of Mechanics}} These notes are provided and prepared by Dr. Amir Mahmood. We are really very thankful to him for providing... If there is error or mistake in the notes, then please directly contact to Dr. Amir Mahmood for correction. He can be accessed via his email ... . ^ Name |Easy Notes of Mechanics | ^ Author |Dr. Amir Mahmood | ^ Pages |48 pages | ^ Format |PDF (see [[::... t type="success" icon="fa fa-download"> * **{{ :msc:notes:easy-notes-on-mechanics-moment-of-inertia.pdf |Moment of Inertia}}** | <b