MCQs with key

MCQs Choice In this one PDF, MCQs of all chapters of FSc Part2 are given. There are seven chapters. Keys of MCQs is starting from page 51.

  • A function $I(x)=x$ is called
    • (A) A linear function
    • (B) An identity function
    • (C) A quadratic function
    • (D) A cubic functions
  • $\frac{d}{dx} \tan 3x =$….
    • (A) $3\sec^2 3x$
    • (B) $\frac{1}{3}\sec^2 3x$
    • (C) $\cot 3x$
    • (D) $\sec^2 x$
  • If $y=f(x)$, then differential of $y$ is
    • (A) $dy=f'(x)$
    • (B) $dy=f'(x) dx$
    • (C) $dy=f(x)$
    • (D) $\frac{dy}{dx}$
  • If $x<0$, $y<0$, then the point $P(x,y)$ lies in the quadrant
    • (A) I
    • (B) II
    • (C) III
    • (D) IV
  • The solution of $ax+by<c$ is
    • (A) closed half plane
    • (B) open half plane
    • (C) circle
    • (D) parabola
  • The locus of the revolving line with one end fixed and other end on the circumference of the circle is called
    • (A) a sphere
    • (B) a circle
    • (C) a cone
    • (D) a conic
  • The vector whose magnitude is $1$ is called
    • (A) null vector
    • (B) unit vector
    • (C) free vector
    • (D) scalar

These are just samples. PDF file of all the MCQs can be downloaded from the link given below.

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