Ch 02: Functions and Groups

The important questions of Chapter 2 of Textbook of Algebra and Trigonometry Class XI is published by Punjab Textbook Board (PTB) Lahore, Pakistan has been given on this page. These questions are selected from old papers.

  • Find multiplicative inverse $(2,4)$ — BISE Gujrawala(2015)
  • Find power set of $\{a,\{b,c\}\}$ — BISE Gujrawala(2015)
  • Prove that $A-B=A \cup B^c$ — BISE Gujrawala(2015)
  • Write converse and contra positive of $p \longrightarrow q$ — BISE Gujrawala(2015)
  • Write the inverse of $\{(1,2),(2,5),(3,7),(4,9),(5,11)\}$ — BISE Gujrawala(2015)
  • What is the difference between $\{a,b \}$ and $\{\{a,b\}\}$ — BISE Gujrawala(2017)
  • Show that $~(p \longrightarrow q) \longrightarrow p$ — BISE Gujrawala(2017)
  • Prove that $A \cap(B \cup C)=(A \cap B)\cup(A \cap C)$ — BISE Gujrawala, BISE Lahore (2017)
  • If $A=\{1,2,3,4\}$, $B=\{3,4,5,6,7,8\}$ and $C=\{5,6,7,9,10\}$ then verify associativity of union — BISE Sargodha(2015)
  • If $A,B$ are elements of a group $G$ then show that $(ab)^{-1}=b^{-1}a^{-1}$ — BISE Sargodha(2015)
  • For $A=\{1,2,3\}$ find the relation $\{(x,y)| x+y<5\}$ — BISE Sargodha(2015)
  • Write the set $\{x|x \in Q \wedge x^2=2\}$ in descriptive and tabular form — BISE Sargodha(2015)
  • If $a,b$ being elements of a group $G$ then solve (a) $ax=b$ (b) $x a=b$ — BISE Gujrawala(2015)
  • Write converse and contrapositive of $q \longrightarrow p$ — BISE Sargodha(2015)
  • Write down the power set of $\{a,b,c\}$ — BISE Sargodha(2015)
  • Write down the power set of $\{9,11\}$ — BISE Sargodha(2016)
  • Find converse, inverse of the conditional $~p \longrightarrow ~q$ — BISE Sargodha(2016)
  • Solve the equation $a \divideontimes x=b$ where $a, b \in G$ and $G$ is a group — BISE Sargodha(2016)
  • Write the converse and inverse of $~p \longrightarrow q$ — BISE Sargodha(2016)
  • Convert the given theorem to logical form and prove by constructing truth table $A \cup (B \cap C)=(A \cup B)\cap (A \cup C)$ — BISE Sargodha(2017)

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