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Notes of Calculus with Analytic Geometry


Notes of the Calculus with Analytic Geometry written by Dr. S. M. Yusuf and Prof. Muhammad Amin, published by Ilmi Kitab Khana, Lahore.

At this moment, we are adding notes of Chapter 1, If you wish to add your notes on this page. You can send us at admin [at] mathcity [dot] org.

Notes of chapter 1 is written by Prof. Muhammad Farooq, notes of chapter 5 is written by Abrar Mustafa and notes of chapter 6 and 7 are written by Mr. Shahid Javed.

We will try our best to add solutions of more chapters as we are able to manage. If you have some notes which you thing are worth to share with other then please contact us from here or email at Admin [at] MathCity [dot] org.

List of chapters

Ch 03: General Theorem, Intermediate Forms

Graphical interpertation of  mean value theorem
  • Rolle's theorem
  • Geometrical interpretation of Rolle's theorem
  • The mean vlaue theorem
  • Another form of mean value theorem
  • Increasing and decreasing functions
  • Cauchy's mean value theorem
  • Extended mean value theorem
  • Indeterminate form
  • The form $\frac{0}{0}$
  • The form $\frac{\infty}{\infty}$
  • The form $0\times\infty$ (or $\infty\times 0)$)
  • The form $\infty-\infty$
  • The forms $0^\infty, 1^\infty, \infty^0$
  • Use of expansions

Download or view online

ARW Exercise 3.1 Download PDF (1.16 MiB, 6396 downloads) View Online
ARW Exercise 3.2 Download PDF (772.51 KiB, 1485 downloads) View Online
ARW Exercise 3.3 Download PDF (2.59 MiB, 994 downloads) View Online


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