Other notes

Notes of Mechanics
Notes of Mechanics written by different authors for BSc or BS.

Notes of Vector Analysis
Handwritten notes of vector analysis for BSc.

Vector Analysis by Hameed Ullah: Notes
All the chapters of vector analysis for BSc made by Hameed Ullah.

Notes of Metric Spaces
Notes of metric spaces for BSc. These notes are related to Section IV of B Course of Mathematics, Paper B.

Notes of Number Theory by Umer Asghar
Notes of number theory for BSc. These notes are related to Section II of A Course of Mathematics, Paper B for University of the Punjab. We are very thankful to Mr. Umer Asghar for sending these notes.

Notes by Umer Asghar
Collection of all the notes by Umer Asghar. It include different exercises and chapters for Calculus, Mathematical Method and Number Theory.

Syllabus and paper pattern
Syllabus and paper pattern for different universities

Tests by Mobeen Munir
Model test by mobeen munir for calculus and other subjects.