Ch 14: Solutions of Trigonometric Equation

  • Solve $cose^2\theta=\frac{4}{3}$ in $[0,2\pi]$— BISE Gujrawala(2015), BISE Sargodha(2016), BISE Gujrawala(2017)
  • Solve $sinx=\frac{1}{2}$ in $[0,2\pi]$— BISE Gujrawala(2015), BISE Gujrawala(2015)
  • Solve $cot\theta \frac{1}{\sqrt{3}}$, $\theta \in [0,2\pi]$— BISE Gujrawala(2017), BISE Sargodha(2016)
  • Solve $sec^2\theta=\frac{4}{3}$ in $[0,2\pi]$— BISE Sargodha(2015)
  • Solve $4cos^2x-3=0$, $x \in [0,2\pi]$— BISE Sargodha(2015)
  • Solve the equation $secx=-2$ where $x \in [0,2\pi]$— BISE Sargodha(2015)
  • Find the solutions of $cosec\theta=2$ which is lie in $[0,2\pi]$— BISE Sargodha(2017)
  • Solve the equation $tanx=-1$ in $[0,2\pi]$— BISE Lahore(2017)
  • Solve $sinx+cosx=0— FBISE(2017)
  • Solve the equation $cosecx=\sqrt{3}+cotx$— FBISE(2017)

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