Chapter 09: Fundamentals of Trigonometry

Geometric series

Notes (Solutions) of Chapter 09: Fundamentals of Trigonometry, Text Book of Algebra and Trigonometry Class XI (Mathematics FSc Part 1 or HSSC-I), Punjab Text Book Board, Lahore.

Contents & summary

  • Introduction
  • Units of Measures of Angles
    • Sexagesimal System
    • Conversion from $D^\circ M'S''$ to the decimal form and vice versa
    • Circular System (Radians)
  • Relation between the Length of an arc of a Circle and the Circular measure of its Central angle
    • Conversion of Radian into Degree and vice versa
    • Exercise 9.1
  • General Angle (Coterminal Angle)
  • Angle in the Standard Position
  • Trigonometric Function
  • Trigonometric Function of any Angle
  • Fundamental Identities
  • Signs of the Trigonometric Function
    • Exercise 9.2
  • The Values of Trigonometric Functions of acute angles $45^\circ , 30^\circ , 60^\circ$
  • The Values of Trigonometric Functions of acute angles $0^\circ , 90^\circ , 180^\circ , 270^\circ , 360^\circ$
    • Exercise 9.3
  • Domains of Trigonometric Functions and of Fundamental Identities
    • Exercise 9.4

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